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Best Solution for a Growing Need: Lack of access to health care providers, affordable labs, and prescriptions in the United States continues to be a challenge. The average wait time to see a physician is at least three weeks, and prescriptions typically cost $20 or more out of pocket. Even if you can see a doctor, travel and wait time could take an average of 2-3 hours. Labs are delayed due to referrals and wait times as well. It takes an average of 25 days to see a psychiatrist or psychologist. Nearly half of patients with mental health issues go without treatment. However, we have found a solution using three discount programs that address the most typical out of pocket costs.  These discount programs are free! Find ways to bring down your health care spend, today! This is one example of how the high dollar cost for medical services are halted in its tracks when you become a client of TREK Insurance Group.

$4 Copay: Stop paying too much for medications. Walmart, Fry’s, Bashas and Target have prescriptions for only $4 for a 30 day supply! Pick up a list at your local retailer. There are over 300 medications on the list for everyone, free membership! This works perfect for Health Savings Accounts. I suggest taking the list to your physician to see which of the generic drugs listed would be acceptable substitutions to your current medications. You can find these lists online at your retailer’s website.

Walk-In Labs: By utilizing a Walk-In lab, only a few drops of blood by a simple finger prick is performed rather than drawing blood from a vein. You can access a Walk-In Lab throughout the nation at a reduced cost. Want to know the cost for each blood test? Please refer to the Walk-In Lab website. Make sure you use a Walk-in-Lab that is in-network for the discounts you deserve and the blood tests you need. Knowing your body chemistry is essential for the path to good health. For example, most typical blood tests only require a tiny sample, not a large painful extraction. We can all agree, most of us are not a big fan of needles!

Doctors On Demand: Currently providers can diagnose many ailments over the web, phone call, or video. Doctors-on Demand serve their clients on the same day and could order medications to your pharmacy of choice. Doctors-On Demand is a telemedicine solution which provides clinical health care from a distance. Doctors-On Demand would offer medical services that may not be available in rural areas. This service is accomplished through the use of telephone or computer and at a reduced price, $40 per visit to be exact. The mobile application is the way to go!

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