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As most of my friends and family grow in numbers with marriage, births and adoptions, a growing need to protect your income and health is necessary for a healthy long life. You probably have a few types of insurance: car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, you name it. You buy it because you know one of your kids is bound to nick the bumper when he starts driving at sixteen.

Health insurance works the same way, saving you money in case of an accident while providing you with necessary health services.

Here are 4 ways to make sure everyone in your family is covered:

  1. Keep track of doctors and medications: You likely need to cover several people under your family plan. Make a list of everyone’s favorite doctors and important medications. Don’t forget about necessities like your child’s favorite pediatrician or OBGYNs for maternity care. Use this list as a starting point for the doctors you want your plan to include. TREK Insurance will do the work from here and advise what plan works best for your need and wants at an affordable premium. In this case, it is not about optimizing to find the cheapest premium but rather the total cost-savings for a given year, so don’t just focus on the monthly premium or deductible. You will save the most money by finding the best plan for your needs. I call this understanding your total risk.
  2. Take advantage of important benefits for children under 19: New health insurance laws provide twenty-six free preventive services for children. These include medical histories, popular immunizations and important tests for newborns. You are also guaranteed health check-ups and dental care for children in family plans. Know your benefits and put them to use so your children can avoid health issues in the future.
  3. Baby on the way? Check your insurance: If your family is expanding, plan ahead so your newborn is covered by your plan. You may want new insurance to cover a pediatrician, OBGYN, or a hospital for labor and delivery. If you don’t have insurance, purchase a plan immediately so your family is covered for prenatal, postnatal and maternity care. If you already have insurance, call your current company so you know the cost of adding your newborn to the family plan. It might even be worthwhile to shop for a new policy for the whole family. Check your options so you can get the best deal. Call TREK!
  4. Check if you qualify for a subsidy: As an adult with dependents, you may receive subsidies or tax credits to reduce the cost of insurance. For example, a family of four with a household income of about $94,200 or less will likely qualify for government support. Low-income families may sign up for government plans like Medicaid. Simply enter your income when you shop for coverage through TREK’s online shopping portal (Coming in Oct of 2015) and we’ll make sure you get the deal you deserve. Please refer to the blog titled “2015 Federal Poverty Levels and Eligibility” or simply call or email TREK!

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