Mind Health Summit – December 14th at 10am (MT)

Mind Health Summit – December 14th at 10am (MT)

Why TREK? It’s named after my sister’s charity event, Tracy’s TREK. TREK was pre-running days. Tracy is a reminder of many things. My parents both worked a lot growing up and she looked after me and taught me many things, stuff like how to pee in the toilet standing up and how nature always has the final say.  She would argue like no other, still haven’t heard anyone debate like her. Totally 100% committed to what she was trying to accomplish, usually not for her benefit but for something or someone else.  She would have been a great lawyer.  So, why TREK? My sister made me hike with her all over the world from local spots like Havasupai multiple times a year or New Zealand or Costa Rica. She liked going where no other human would go.  While hiking, we would talk. She would go into detail on how everything is related to each other on a global level then hyper focus on a certain subject. One time we were hiking with one of my friends, he is now a biologist, discussing the purpose of a pigeon. Hours of all things pigeons.  By the end of the conversation, we all were convinced, even pigeons have a purpose on this earth.   Economics. Nature. Society. Animals. Politics. Emotion. Parents. Friends. Even thoughts themselves. She demanded truth and wasn’t afraid to fight for it, maybe even die for it. That level of commitment is inspiring.  That’s why I am TREK.

Anytime when I was running over 50 miles, I think of her, not herself physically but how she thinks. What would Tracy say about this? She would say it’s only in the body.  The mind is ALL THINGS, and can override the body. From a science point of view this is 100% accurate.  I used my special skill to run 100 miles, and wanted to do it again the next day, after 23 hours of constant running.  I have had moments where the body is actually eating itself,  but the mind did not acknowledge, I wouldn’t allow it, it takes work, constant sustained work. My legs would need to be removed before I would stop running. It’s mind-bending. This is only running, by far the easiest example to explain. This can happen in many situations, and it doesn’t need to be physical. Some would say this is delusional, people close to me said this is bad for me, but they are absolutely wrong.  These people that say this, really haven’t experienced it before, so they don’t have a seat at the table.  It’s not the body that gives up, it’s the mind.  It’s actually very addicting because it’s so powerful.  Someone said to do the canyon with them recently. For me that’s not overwhelming from a physical aspect but on what I need to do mentally beforehand. I think of what happened to me in past experiences doing the R2R2R, unprepared mentally. That type of experience is burned in my head forever.  I would have full body cramps every 5 steps for miles on end, all muscle contractions at once, I would lay down in the middle of the trail until they pass. Putting the mind under stress, from pain from the body which is the simplest and quickest way to develop mind strength, but this is not the only form, many techniques can be done in all aspects.  The mind can cause the most pain as well. Self-talk can be dangerous or empowering.  I see it everyday with people. Every person has a mental illness, it’s a spectrum, especially in today’s society. My first fireside virtual meeting is going to be about an amazing company in the behavioral, emotional and mind fitness field.  This subject has a stigma.  People are ashamed.  This is not just for the schizophrenic, substance abuse or bi-polar populations.  This is for anyone that has kids. Marriage. Parents. Sleep. Eating. End of life. Meditation. Work. Social Media. Politics. Post-Covid. Or even if you want to refine your skills, really any skill.  Seeking help from a professional is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself.  Perform better work. Increase sales.  Have simple tools or techniques to help your children.  Kids are the most complex relationship in your life, especially in these times.  Things you do now, can literally change their life and strengthen bonds between the family unit.

When you hire a CPA, you listen to them. When you hire a lawyer, you listen to them.  Who is the subject matter expert of the brain? The most complex organ in existence, more complicated than any machine on the planet.  Are you using it to it’s full potential? Has it wronged you?  The guest speaker’s name is Alicia. First time I talked with her, this is someone that really believes in her service and understands mind fitness and cares. Their product is built on their customers’ needs/wants and morphs based on feedback.  These providers are in-person or virtual, individual, group, faith based, non-faith based, globally and speak 100+ languages, not in-network with your health plan, free and unlimited.   This is the GOLD-standard in this mind achievement field.

This webinar is on 12/14 at 10am for 40 mins. Alicia will provide tools, truth, and accountability for all levels in mind health. You have not heard of this company. I will not be talking; this will be Alicia. I will not be compensated.  I will not follow-up, wanting your business.  It won’t be recorded. I will not put you on a list. Once the fireside talk is over, it will be vanished, like it never happened.  If you would like this platform after the meeting, you can contact Alicia directly.  We will have 10-15 mins to field questions at the end.  Come at us, test us, challenge us. I welcome friends, family, clients, prospects, strangers, and carriers. Come find out what you are capable of, and where you can start to build, perform, and practice!  It’s time to sharpen your mind and take on this life! Please join us as Alicia demonstrates some amazing NEW ways of providing mental strength for your employees! More details to follow!

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