Free Perks

Free Perks

Use your totally free perks.

By law, every health insurance plan comes with free preventive care. Here are some benefits you get for free:

  • Annual physical exams
  • Annual flu shots
  • Routine preventive lab tests
  • Contraceptive care & counseling
  • Well-woman visits

Get paid for going to the gym.

Almost every health insurance company reimburses its members for going to the gym! For example, United Healthcare will give you back $240 every year.

To get the discount, most companies just require you to go to a gym a certain number of times a year; to prove you did so, you’ll print out a history of your visits, and send that history via email or paper mail to your insurance carrier. Note: some companies, like United Healthcare, require you go to certain gyms. Want to find out what gym reimbursements come with your health plan? Just check the list below for the link or Google “[health insurance company name here] fitness reimbursement” and find out more.

Look out for discounts.

Most health insurance companies offer discounts on different services, like weight-loss programs, complementary care (acupuncture, massage therapy, etc.), and over-the-counter vitamins.

Perks from popular health insurance companies:

To save you from the headache of excessive Googling, here’s a quick list of popular health insurance companies and the benefits they offer.

  • Cigna
    • Member Discounts: Save on things like weight management services, fitness club memberships, tobacco cessation, and even magazine subscriptions.
  • Humana
    • Savings Center: Save up to 30% on chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Get discounts on weight loss programs, eyewear (sometimes 40% off!), Lasik procedures, allergy meds, and more.
  • United HealthCare
    • Fitness Reimbursement: Visit a participating gym and get reimbursed $20 for every month you work out at least 12 times. Easy peasy.
    • Wellness Coaches: Get coaching over the phone for help with your weight, tobacco cessation, nutrition, exercise, diabetes, and more.
    • Discounts: Get discounts on acupuncture, fitness, and more.
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